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"Since receiving my weekly veg bag I have become excited about cooking again. It’s totally removed the ‘mundane’ from my weekly shop and quite honestly changed my relationship with food. I love the variation; it gets me using my imagination"

- Julia, Roots Customer

We offer two box sizes, standard and bumper. Each of these sizes has four different prices, depending on what you can afford to pay.


We want our veg to be available to everyone. By asking those who can afford it to pay a little extra for their bag we can offer subsidised bags for people on low income.

Generally 8-10 different types of vegetables. 
Enough for 2 people who eat some vegetables every day.

Standard box, regular price £16.50


Standard box, lowest income £5.50 


Standard box, low income £11 


Standard box, solidarity price £22

Generally 10-12 different types of VEGETABLES, and including some larger portions than the Standard bags.
Enough for a family of 4 who eat some vegetables every day, or a couple who eat lots of veg!

Bumper box, regular price £22


Bumper box, lowest income £11 

Bumper box, low income £16.50


Bumper box, solidarity price £27.50

Why buying our veg is good?

Eat the freshest seasonal veg

Support a thriving community where everyone is welcome and valued

regen farming icon.png

Enjoy food grown in planet positive ways - chemical free, 
no-dig, and wildlife friendly

ZERO single-use packaging in our veg bag scheme

All our veg are packed using upcycled materials!

Encourage Community Resilience
Support small scale farming & local food productivity, keep your money within our local economy/community

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Support a shift to greater food equality through our solidarity system and by helping us donate to local food charities




You can collect your bag from our packing shed at Roots or we can deliver to Porthtowan, Mount Hawke, Portreath and Illogan (or on the route between us and  these villages) for an added £2.


If you're away you can give your veg to a friend or we can donate them to a foodbank. Like other subscriptions, we ask that you pay every week, even if you go away (think of things like broadband or netflix where you pay even if you're not using them).


During the winter months we top up our bags with vegetables carefully selected from organic farms as close to Cornwall as possible.


We have our bags packed and ready  every Wednesday from 3pm


We use ZERO single-use packaging! No paper bags, no cardboard, no plastic, no elastic bands...nothing!  Each customer has two upcycled fabric bags and a set of upcycled ice cream tubs which you return on rotation; each week an empty bag is replaced by a brimming one!


Our bags are packed with as much seasonal produce as possible from our garden and contents change each week according to what is in season.


By joining our CSA veg bag scheme, you become a member and will receive your share of the harvest each week - this means you share in our gluts and support us in trickier times

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